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Inomaxx® Plus (Integra®)

30 litre Steel Integra® Cylinder (300 bar)
Volume 8.09 m³
Product Code 160261

Average delivery time 48 hours

£ 269.27 exc. VAT

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Inomaxx Plus: 35% He, 2%, CO2 in Argon

Our best gas for MAG welding stainless steels on dip, spray and pulse transfer modes. Stable arc conditions offer all-positional capability.

  • Tolerant to variations in weld parameter settings
  • Minimal spatter generation
  • Less surface oxidisation
  • Improved fluidity and smoother weld finish
  • Faster weld travel speeds + 17%
  • Reduced ozone generation

Supply mode
Supplied in our 30 litre, 300 bar Integra® cylinder. Smaller cylinder with similar contents as conventional cylinders.

  • Reduced wire consumption
  • Less post-weld cleaning required
  • Reduced re-work or rejects
  • Versatile - reduce cylinder stockholding
  • Easier, safer handling - smaller cylinder

  • No need to buy/maintain equipment - built-in regulator
  • Active contents gauge- see how much gas is left even when cylinder not in use
  • Quick-connecting IFO (Integra flow optimiser) for rapid changeovers, saving time
  • IFOs in a range of pre-set flow rates to maximise weld quality and minimise gas consumption

If this is the first time you are purchasing an Integra® cylinder you will need to purchase an Integra® Flow Optimiser, available in a range of flow rates, for quick connection to the welding machine.

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