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Inomaxx® 2 (Integra®)

30 litre Steel Cylinder Integra® (300 bar)
Volume 9.00 m³
Product Code 160258

Average delivery time 48 hours

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30 litres Integra®
47 litres

£ 150.95 exc. VAT

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Inomaxx 2: 2% CO2 in Argon

Our ideal all-rounder for MAG welding stainless steel is highly suited to pulsed arc transfer, offering superior weld properties. For welding thin and medium thickness ferritic and austenitic stainless steel in dip, spray and pulse transfer modes.

  • Smoother, flatter weld
  • Minimal spatter generation
  • Bright clean finish
  • Suitable for all material thicknesses and modes of transfer

Supply mode
Supplied in our 30 litre, 300 bar Integra® cylinder. Smaller cylinder with similar contents as conventional cylinders.

  • Reduced wire consumption
  • Less post-weld cleaning required
  • Reduced re-work or rejects
  • Versatile - reduce cylinder stockholding
  • Easier, safer handling - smaller cylinder
  • No need to buy/maintain equipment - built-in regulator
  • Active contents gauge- see how much gas is left even when cylinder not in use
  • Quick-connecting IFO (Integra flow optimiser) for rapid changeovers, saving time

  • IFOs in a range of pre-set flow rates to maximise weld quality and minimise gas consumption

If this is the first time you are purchasing an Integra® cylinder you will need to purchase an Integra® Flow Optimiser, available in a range of flow rates, for quick connection to the welding machine.

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